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Welcome to my little world. Here you will find my journey to a healthier me. Join me as I go more natural. Natural remedies, Natural hair and body care, natural Stress relief. Recently I was diagnosed with stage 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Its time I took back control and I’d love for you to walk this journey with me. I’ll be posting healthy kid tested and approved recipes, exercise for the overweight mom on the go, lots of stress relief tips and tools, and of course in my blog you will get to know the real me and my family. You can find my latest blog posts in the “Blog” tab. My blog is entirely run by laughter, caffeine, and a lack of sleep. You are going to want to check out my blog if you need a smile, a laugh, a cry, or just a chuckle to get you through your day. Please subscribe so you never miss out on any future posts and be sure to follow me on my social media outlets listed in the icons. Feel free to shoot me a message!! I’m always available to chat, laugh, cry, congratulate, or just listen.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and I hope I can get to know you too when you shoot me a message or leave a comment. XOXO